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Do I even remember how to blog?

Maybe not. It has been a while. I have been SWAMPED in many ways. One of those ways in in keeping the kiddies alive and functional. JAG is highly distracted but highly creative, so she struggles a little in school but shines when it is time to perform or draw. Banana Slug, poor little guy, still struggles with talking and his anxiety is showing itself more and more. He is being evaluated for speech and language at school. I really hope he gets some additional help. He has started drawing classes once a week after school, but he already had to be removed 1 out of 3 classes for having a mega-tantrum over a line he could not get right. Both kids take gymnastics classes and do well (usually, when not overwhelmed or overly distracted)… and by “well,” I do not mean Olympics-level goals. I mean they get to have fun with teachers that, so far, have been very tolerable and understanding of JAG’s “Huh? Were we having class? I was crafting my own comic book in my head about girl ninjas breaking into a palace using gas bombs…” and Banana Slug’s frozen-on-the-spot moments of sheer terror of being around other people. Basically… we do alright.

My career is also…alright. I still have a job at a public university that has been slashed to almost no budget, so any employment is an achievement. I do have other good news, though! My article about blogging has been published! It is available online as a pre-published version and will be available “officially” in June. You can check it out here:

If you have tried commenting or e-mailing me, I apologize for not responding. I have been chronically rushed, overwhelmed, and sleep-deprived. No ignored message has been a slight in any way.

I do not relate to any working mother who gets enough sleep.

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Who the flip expels a three-year-old?

Okay… so I have been having some rough times. Short version – I am busy, I still drive at least 2 1/2 hours a day, D has been working 72 hour weeks and leaving me alone with the kids and daring to criticize my housekeeping and discipline strategies.

A huge source of contention has been his firm belief that yelling at kids is not only ok, but correct. As a developmental psychologist and instructor of child development, I can tell him many reasons that he is full of shit, but he has also shown that he does not believe any of the research conducted by people like me.

Last week, I broke down crying when I received a letter from Banana Slug’s new pre-kindergarten teacher. He had had two wetting accidents at school (two days in a row no less). The school only allows three accidents before expelling a student because they are “not potty trained and not ready for school.” From my work, I know that wetting at age 3 is not abnormal (especially during sleep, which is when the second accident occurred). I can dig up statistics that put the “normal” range of completely accident-free potty training all the way up to age 4 for boys. The letter was so much more upsetting because I received it well after the fact. I had been trapped in a traffic jam on an elevated freeway and my mom (Crack Lady to the long-time readers) had to pick up the kids. I knew about the previous day’s accident (I had to sign something for that one, too), but I did not get to tell D because he got home well after I was asleep.

So, then… he gets home the next night as we are getting ready for bed (i.e., Mommy did all the cooking, feeding, entertaining, bathing, dressing, bedtime stories, etc.) and I show him the letter… and he loses it. How could I not tell him earlier? How could I let him get by without being potty trained? Why did I start him at school so young?

Potty problems are nothing new for Banana Slug. He has been scared of loud flushes and hesitant to interrupt teachers to ask to go. Should I have kept him in day care (even though he was older than the other kids by at least 6 months)? I doubted whether I had any right to be his mother that evening.

Then, despite the fact that I do not have the option of working weekends or even staying past 4:00 on most workdays (and I have my three-year review this year and desperately to become more productive), I had to cancel class and meetings and take Banana Slug to the doctor the next day in a desperate attempt to find SOME medical excuse for his wetting. I was hardly surprised when the doc explained, “The most likely explanation is that he is a three year-old boy.”

I kept him out of school the entire day out of fear that he would have an accident and get kicked out.

Have I mentioned that he loves school? He had separation anxiety the first few days, but quickly shifted to, “Bye, Mommy!” while running into before-school care. He tells people the name of his school and proudly says that he and JAG go to “big” school together. Oh yeah, JAG goes there. If expelled, he would SEE HER dropped off at his former school in the mornings. Oh no, no way. He had been showing off his new songs and counting to 10. Other preschools and pre-K programs have already filled their classes, meaning a day care would be his only other option (short of hiring a nanny). Day cares would not teach him all the new stuff he has been showing off.

I called the school and requested a meeting with the assistant principal the next morning. (So, more missed work)

While planning what to say, it came to light that other adults (Crack Lady and D) have been telling Banana Slug he will get kicked out of school if he does not use the potty! BS shared that he felt “bad” and hated the potty. That, more than anything, made me furious.

At the meeting, I met with the director of the program and the Assistant Principal, and I was extremely grateful that they decided on a probationary period to see if the wetting stops as he gets used to school. We have until the end of October, when there will be a “reassessment.” I cried again in the car, but this time from relief.

And then I really went into Dr. Grumbles mode (as in “I am a doctor, bitches, I know some shit!”) and called anyone who looks after BS to tell them criticism and punitive statements will not be tolerated. D and Crack Lady, of course, denied ever doing any such things. I loaded my Kindle up with positive potty books and videos (the episode of Bear in the Big Blue House is a winner). I loaded up a “surprise box” with little toys, and told BS he could pick a surprise every day he comes home dry. I hugged him, told him I was proud of him, and listed all the things he had done since starting school to impress me. JAG got on board with cheering, “Go BS, go!” whenever he told us he had to go to the bathroom. We two started exaggerated modeling of potty behavior (announcing each time we had to go, and making a show of stopping what we were doing to take care of potty business).

It has only been a week since that horrible “accident #2” was documented, but guess what? He hasn’t had an accident since then. He has picked enough surprises that he actually turned it down yesterday (“Don’t need a surprise, today.”). He has used public restrooms at swimming class, the supermarket, and the library. No one has threatened or scolded him and I been telling, “You are working so hard. I am so proud of you,” as often as I can.

D has not thanked me for any of the missed work or potty cheerleading, and I do not expect that from him.

I am still exhausted, but I have a new-found certainty that, if I am to be expected to be the sole caregiver even though I work full-time (and that will not change because I WANT to work), I need to do it on my terms. D is pissed off and disapproving all the time anyway, I might as well truly piss him off by parenting the kids the way my work shows is best for them.



Don’t listen to Daddy. He is the breadwinner, but he can be an asshole and he does not have a doctoral degree in anything, much less anything related to childrearing.  (I still love him, just to be clear. And, no I would never say this to the children. Taking sides is never healthy for kids.)

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Scamps in Camp

I was catching up on work for the blogging study (marking blogs as either active or dead/dormant and sending out invites for the survey), when I realized that I am going right back to having a dead/dormant blog! Dang it! Better to neglect the blog than the kids, right?

Last week was crazy because my addled mind got mixed up enough to have NEITHER child enrolled in camp or day care for the entire week. I did not get to go to work or get anything done pretty much at all (“working from home” is such a joke for me even with no children in the house).

This week, my anxiety is peaking because both kids started gymnastics camp. Yes, that ‘s right, even my baby boy! They start at age 3, and he made the cut. Since I have been such a negligent blogger since he was born, you have not heard as much you might have about his resistance to potty training. IT HAS BEEN AN ORDEAL. Let’s leave it at that. Well, I was sooooooo relieved when I picked him up on Monday dry and happy. Yesterday, my heart sank when I walked in to see his nap map rolled and wrapped in a plastic bag. I knew it had happened. He broke the big rule for camp and pre-k (which he begins in late August) – “Must be potty trained.” The camp staff were very nice about it and had changed his clothes. Technically, they were supposed to call me to come change him, so I was very grateful. Today, my mom is picking him up. I hope he is dry!

For JAG, this is her second summer attending the camp. Last year she had a blast, but was often in trouble for not following directions. Aaaand, some little bitchy girls called her “weird” and made her cry. She has already merited camp staff talking to me about her behavior and I have already observed a girl making a face behind her back. My best hope is that remains ignorant of their small-minded and unoriginal view of her, because, at age 5, she is not quite capable of realizing that you can’t please everyone and those who fit in best are often boring as shit.


Yeah, so let’s hope they stay dry, reasonably obedient and happy this month at camp.

Oh! And JAG has asked me to read Harry Potter books to her! Anyone knowing me at all knows that made me smile wide. Last night, I read her the “Halloween” chapter in Book 1, and she was practically chewing on her bed covers as they battled the troll. It was awesome.

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Optional (Sort of) Teacher Appreciation Week

Okay, this has been a busy weekend. JAG threw up 5 times on Friday, on the day we had to pick up Banana Slug’s birthday cake, clean the house, wrap those last few gifts, etc. Luckily, she was better the next day, but it was quite tense and worrisome for that one day. In addition, I am going into the last week of classes and have a pile of stuff to grade. We had our usual swimming lessons, visit from my dad, and, you know, a huge-ass birthday party (actually, a small crowd, but a party always feels huge to the hosts) to survive! With all the, “Mommy, you put together this birthday present?” and packing lunches, washing JAG’s nap mat, and packing my bag for work tomorrow, I remember that lovely little slip of paper sent home from JAG’s school…

Just a “friendly reminder” that it is Teacher Appreciation Week, complete with a list of what the kids are SUPPOSED TO bring each day this week. Monday is a homemade card. Sounds like fun! Except JAG is exhausted and cannot get over that she is out of her “good” stickers and doesn’t know all the letters (she is in Pre-K after all!) to write what she wants to write on the card. The “fun” activity resulted in tears. I always swore I would NOT do my children’s homework or projects for them… but I finished her card for her.

Because I don’t want her to look bad. She already has a working mom who cannot be “Room Parent” or chaperon field trips. She does not get dropped off in the classroom in the morning with a snuggly hug from me. She gets walked over from before-care with the other groggy kids with working moms. She goes back for after-care in the afternoon. I almost never get to see her teacher and teaching assistant face-to-face. Working Mommy Guilt? Yeah, I know I should not bother with such nonsense, but I HAVE IT.

I am certain some kids will show up with glittery cards looking ready for a scrapbooking display in a craft store. Because their moms (or dads) made their frickin’ cards for them, too, because we all have something to prove and it has nothing to do with teacher appreciation.


One day is supposed to be apple day. How is her teacher going to carry home twenty apples? Does he even like them that much?

Another day is “assigned” flowers. Really, flowers? Please, don’t let the other parents think they have to bring a flippin’ bouquet! I refuse to send a perishable object (because it would be ONE flower from us) with a 5 year-old. By the time she actually gets through before-care and walks into the classroom, she will either say, “What flower?” or “I think this flower fell apart. Do you still want it?” Her teacher is from France. Maybe I will give him a gift card to the supermarket and tell him to buy a bottle of wine, so he can sip away as he figures out what to do with all the handmade cards, apples, and flowers.

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Banana Slug is Three!

Banana Slug is Three!

When did this happen? He walks, he talks, he uses the potty! He is a big boy!

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She really doesn’t know?

A funny thing just happened today. A colleague sent me a link to an article through Facebook. Ok, that is not so funny.

It was something like, “10 Common Fertility Myths Doctors Hear.” Nothing strange there. People send me fertility and parenting news all the time.

It was her message that seemed strange to me, “Dr. Grumbles, this made me think of your research.”

Oh My Chocolate! She doesn’t know! She doesn’t know I research fertility and pregnancy-related topics because my life was once COMPLETELY CONSUMED with the quest to become a mother. She met me when I was pregnant. She passes by an office with pictures of TWO CHILDREN in it. She hears students joke that the final exam in one of my classes should be about my children since I talk about them much. She might even think I am uber-fertile or something! How crazy is that???

I am now that woman obsessed with her kids instead of her lack of kids. That is BIZARRE. I’ll take it, though.

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Some words about the survey

Some folks may be checking this blog out because they received an invite to complete my blogging survey. I originally planned to send out e-mails to bloggers to recruit for the study… then I quickly realized that most blogs do not have an “e-mail me” option readily evident. So, I am currently leaving comments on the most recent post to give the invites…

AND I FEEL SO DIRTY! Like an icky sicky spammer!

I have gotten rusty at being a truly active blogger, but I certainly remember the frustration of seeing I had gotten a comment and then realizing it was not a comment to tell me how wonderful my post was, but a comment trying to sell me something.

I can only hope that people will trust that I am a legitimate researcher (for a university, not a corporation or anything that will make money off the survey). I just want to publish a simple study increasing attention to and understanding of a neglected (in research) source of social support and/or information for those attempting to build families or raise children.

Yeah, so I will not make any money off of anyone’s answers.

Also, I have discovered that my research assistants made many errors in creating my master list of active blogs that are not password-protected. For example, “Dead” and “Dad” are two very different words. I am afraid some bloggers will not be contacted because of clerical error, and I do not LIKE that! I have low tolerance for sloppy work. I really hope my next assistant has subclinical but very high levels of obsessive compulsive behavior…you know, they people who make sense to me are!

Oh, and, finally, how out-of-date is my blog? My own OCD tendencies tell me to clean that mess up ASAP, but… I have work to do.

Off to spam…I mean, “contact” more bloggers.

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Check out Banana Slug (with a banana)!

Check out Banana Slug (with a banana)!

Isn’t he awesome?

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Have you missed her?

Have you missed her?

My beautiful butterfly fairy!

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Even more blogging research!

Hi all!

Phew! Glad I remembered my WordPress password! I am still surviving, and I am still incorporating blogging into my research. I have just gotten approval to invite anyone who blogs about pregnancy, fertility, adoption, pregnancy loss, or parenting to complete a brief survey. The survey can be found here:

I will be sending out some invitation e-mails, too, but tell your blogging friends!

Well, I have recruited a surprisingly large group of interested students eager to read some infertility blogs! I am conducting an content analysis, meaning I have them look for mentions of specific topics. I was worried that some students might shy away once they found out the specifics of the research. I envisioned male research assistants getting weirded out by all the period talk and female students wondering what all the fuss is about when, you know, all you need is sex. Nope. Hasn’t happened. My team has told me they find the blogs examined so far fascinating and enlightening. Increased awareness, for the win.

I have, at least once, made a fellow faculty member wonder what the heck we were up to when she overheard us debating about whether a blogger was discussing a stillbirth versus the death of a child born alive. The poor woman just wanted to use the microwave, but could not tune out the morose words floating in the air outside of our nearby meeting. When I sarcastically quipped, “Yeah, we are up upbeat group,” she commented that it sounded like we were addressing important topics.

Yes, we are. Somebody needs to, right?

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Say, didn’t I once write a blog?


I haven’t posted in nearly 2 years! I must have gotten swamped with raising 2 kids and working full time or something.

My kids are beautiful and exhausting. JAG is in pre-kindergarten at a French Immersion school and Banana Slug is blooming into a talker after battling hearing blockage from chronic ear infections. He loves Yo Gabba Gabba, animals, and anything with wheels. JAG loves to watch movies and play dress-up. She loves princesses, Wonder Woman and the Justice League, and Star Wars.

My job is ridiculous and sometimes fulfilling. I got promoted to a tenure-track position and now have research assistants, which means I can conduct research again!

Speaking of research… my latest project involves infertility blogging. I am making by undergrad assistants read blogs and take notes. Then, I will analyze those notes and hopefully have something interesting to publish in the future. All the talk about IF blogs made me return to my own blog. I don’t guarantee a quick return, but this blog is still technically “active”…

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Holy shit, I have 2 kids

Wow – I have a son. An awesome, healthy son who looks like a tiny rounder version of his daddy. He came into the world via C-section last Friday morning as the nurses strained to watch the royal wedding footage on nearby TVs. We found out why he refused to turn around and leave the breech position…

He had company in there. No, not a twin. Not even an evil twin. A giant fibroid. Bigger than a fist and completely blocking any attempt of his to turn around. The doc says a vaginal delivery would’ve been “disastrous” in this case and she is very grateful we did the surgery.

About that surgery – HATED IT. Never wanna do that again. I have gotten much better since Friday, but I still wish we lived in a 1-story house with everything up at torso-level. Percocet is my friend, even if it does make me loopy.

Banana Slug is adjusting well. He was over 8 pounds and HUNGRY right away. We are having to supplement already (with pediatrician’s blessing) because my boobs just can’t keep up with him. He also poos all day long! Remember how JAG did not poop AT ALL until a week after birth? Not this guy. He clearly has a different metabolism than big sis. He even lifts his leg sometimes to make his loud and frequent “presents” more dramatic.

We opted not to circumcise him, and I am sooooo grateful I don’t have to worry about wound care while changing his poopy diapers right now.

JAG is excited yet clearly jealous of the new interloper. We have tried to ease the situation by presenting her with sporadic gifts that baby brother “helped pick out.” So far he has chosen well and she has thanked him enthusiastically (which is adorable). She did, however, steal his specially made blankie and claim it was hers, so we still have some work to do in the sibling rivalry domain.

Seriously, folks, I have 2 kids. When and how did this happen to me???

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Not a mother of two just yet

My life is so insane at the moment.

Other than my job, our neverending construction project of a house, and keeping JAG from running out into the street on a whim, I am about to double my number of children!!!

This has been an amazingly uneventful pregnancy. I was happily coasting along with no swelling, minimal heartburn and headaches, and healthy blood pressure, iron levels, weight gain, etc., when Banana Slug decided to present his first  real problem.

The dude is blissfully breech. Head up and loving it.

For this one reason alone, my perfect pregnancy will end in a C-section on April 29.

I know people have them all the time, and a scheduled procedure is much better than an emergency operation, but I really wanted to see if labor would be shorter the second time. I wanted to know firsthand if the nurse at JAG’s delivery was right that all the straining to get her giant head out was really “prepping and stretching everything up for the next one.”

Plus, I am squeamish. I don’t care how many times I read that the incision will seem surprisingly tiny and recovery go quicker than many women expect. I tend to notice the recommendations for a belly band (already have one thanks to my overpreparedness) so “You don’t feel like your insides are spilling out.” I read the vague warnings that “breastfeeding may be difficult.” Heck! Breastfeeding JAG was an ORDEAL! I don’t want to think about BF’ing with an owie on my tummy!

I also have my granny panties ready (ha! already wear those!) and got a stepstool for getting into our mega-high bed. I have been hoarding diapers and wipes and I am pretty sure I have enough baby socks to let the little guy change into a fresh pair 3 times a day for the first few months. You would think I have everything all set, BUT…

We have no nursery AT ALL for this one. Our plan was to move JAG into the guest room and set her up with a big girl bed, then put Banana Slug in her old nursery. Well, D had other pressing home projects and has not touched either room. JAG is still in a crib, despite her being a very BIG GIRL. I can barely lift her most days (remember, I am sporting a full term far-in-the-front bump right now).

Oh, and potty training JAG by the time I would start changing Banana Slug’s tiny diapies? Nope. She sleeps in big girl undies at night and empties her bladder into the potty very well first thing in the morning, but simply can’t be bothered to go during the day. She does wear Pull-Ups, but her day care requires them until she is 100% trained. I would do like my neighbor and just put her in undies and let her get wet any time she fails to go to the potty, thus giving her incentive to actually GO when she feels the urge. However, I haven’t so far had more than 2 days at a time to try this, and I predict she needs more time than that to achieve full compliance.

Maybe after I start leave at the end of this week, I will use my WHOLE WEEK of pre-baby maternity leave (and, technically, I am not even supposed to have that – On paper, I work until mid-May), I can focus on intensive potty training with her, of course setting her up for extreme regression once baby brother invades her space and perhaps inviting Banana Slug to kick a hole in the amniotic sac a few days before the scheduled C-section.

Yeah, that is what you’ve been missing.

Now, I must convince D to assemble the mother effing co-sleeper THIS WEEK!

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Although I put it at 31 weeks, my Ob/Gyn puts this pregnancy at 32 weeks.

Here is the serious bumpitude I have grown:

Picture 011


Leg swelling is minimal this time (knock on wood). Blood pressure and weight gain look “great” according to the doc. That leaves me to focus on worrying about just how many weeks before the end of the semester Banana Slug will be born. Come on, little dude, take a cue from your big sis and reach your due date! She went a few days past hers, be competitive!

Posted by: docgrumbles | February 4, 2011

Ten Years with the Wonder Hubby

Yesterday was my 10th wedding anniversary.

People often assume we are recently married just based on JAG’s age… interesting, huh? But, no, we have 10 years to get used to each other, and, luckily, not yet grow apart in vastly different directions or anything along those lines.

Marriages don’t happen much in my family, and when they do they do not last that long. My marriage has now outlasted both of my mom’s disastrous marriages. It still has 2 years to go before beating D’s parents’ marriage and Aunt C’s second marriage, but both of those unions were plagued by substance abuse and/or domestic violence. They were hardly 12 years of bliss.

I don’t know if we have bliss, but we are pretty comfortable. Secure. Secure is nice. Now that we are parents, we are BOTH involved parents, which certainly has never happened in either of our families before our generation.

We are dull people to many, but I think I kind of like it that way.

Posted by: docgrumbles | February 4, 2011

Oh yeah, I have a blog, and a penis baby on the way!

One of my favorite topics to toss out at unsuspecting students is Freud’s notion of the penis baby. Hopefully, you already know much of Freud’s ideas, especially related to child development, were very shocking and only persist because they cannot be tested and thus thrown out as bunk. Freud proposed that girls experience penis envy and resent their mother for letting them be born already castrated (boys fear that Daddy will castrate them if he figures out that the son wants to get rid of him to have mom all to himself… oh, it is all so wacky for the uninitiated!). According to Siggy, females could only achieve partial resolution of this penis envy by giving birth to a male baby possessing the sought-after member.

Cue blog readers and naive Psyc 101 students asking, “Wait, did she just write/say what I THINK she did???”

I do not see Banana Slug’s little dingle as the key to gaining a sliver of self-satisfaction (“I grew a penis in my womb, take that world, I am worth something!”), but that little wiener is becoming a source of concern for me.

In this country, little boys are routinely circumcised for no good reason other than, “Well, everyone does it, so if we don’t do it to our son, he’ll be different…” Some parents opt for the procedure out of religious reasons, seeing the act as a symbol of a covenant with God as described in the Old Testament. Seeing as D and I are not religious, we hardly have that reason to compel us.

I told D he gets to make the call since he is the only member of this couple who actually owns his own penis, but he just said, “I dunno. Whatever.”

So, I ask you, any readers I still have, what are your thoughts on circumcision?

Posted by: docgrumbles | January 4, 2011

Neglectful blog mama

Hi – still here.

Still pregnant. Dismissed from the perinatologist because everything looks wonderful (knock on wood). Banana Slug is still a boy.

Still potty training JAG. She goes 1-2 times a day successfully. No poops on the potty, yet, but she has come close a few times (the poop came within 5 minutes of getting up and saying, “All done.”).

Her birthday is coming up, and we will have a Toy Story party. She pronounces Woody’s name “Boody,” which might lead to some funny verbalizations at the party. For example, I bought her some juice boxes with Toy Story characters on them, and she told D, “Daddy, I want Boody juice.” Mmmm, booty juice!

The family is still bizarre. My mom had knee surgery, and the doc casually mentioned, “It helps to lose weight to ease knee for the next procedure.” Crack Lady interpreted this to mean she MUST lose 30 pounds. Keep in mind, she is only 150 to start off. Dieters can be very boring and annoying. Obsessive dieters (and you know which one she turns into) are especially DULL to be around.

My dad asked me if I am 3 months pregnant yet. Um, you’re a little behind the times, Dad. Just like how he never knew how old I was at a given birthday.  He will miss JAG’s birthday party for the second year in a row because he refuses to be in the same room as my mom and aunt. Grrrrr.

I am avoiding checking my work e-mail and stretching my break out through the process of denial.

Later, folks.

Posted by: docgrumbles | November 29, 2010

Pee pee on the potty!

We got JAG a plastic froggy potty months ago, not really expecting her to start training yet, just wanting to have it at the ready when the time came.

Well, my little 22-month recently moved up to the 2 years and up classroom at day care because of her killer verbal and motor skills (and her tantrums when her barely walking and talking classmates under 18 months couldn’t respond back to her excited verbalizations). She has been telling me that some of her new classmates “go baff-room” with much interest.

Over the Thanksgiving break, she started saying, “Mommy, I need go poo poo on potty.”

My reaction was, “Oh, okay, sure, let’s go.” She had sat on the potty before, but nothing ever happened and she was more interested in flushing the big people potty than sitting on her froggy. For 2 days with about 4 attempts each day, nothing happened.

Then, while Paw Paw (my dad) was visiting, she announced to him that she was going to poo poo on the potty. While no poo poo came, she surprised me with a nice stream of pee pee! I squeed, “You’re peeing on the potty!” and starting clapping hysterically. D rushed over to see what the commotion was about, and he started clapping (though a bit more restrained than me).

JAg got so excited, she almost kicked over the potty and spilled pee all over the place! Once we disposed of the very special urination, we gave her Skittles and she ran out shouting, “I pee pee on potty, Paw Paw!”

She told her day care teacher this morning, too, and they said they would start letting her try at school. They give stickers when a child uses the potty, so I will be very happy if she has any amount of stickers to show me when I pick her up today. If not, she is still young, and I will go at her pace.

D is all about getting her potty trained before I pop out another diaper vortex. Maybe we will even enjoy of few months without paying for diapers before Banana Slug comes along… we shall see.

Holy crap! I am likely to be a mother of two soon! When did that become my life?

Posted by: docgrumbles | November 16, 2010

Check out Banana Slug’s banana!

Apparently, the male vibes were read correctly.

Yep, that is Banana Slug on his side, flashing his package at the perinatologist.

I really should write more, but frankly I am exhausted. Happily exhausted.

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